Salford / RKC: Studying for MSC in Information Systems Management

Strategic International Business Management
Midterm Assignment (January 2018)
Report on Aldi’s potential international expansion (english)
Final Assignment (March 2018)
Upward communication and senior leader behaviour –
the possibilities and challenges of developing an inclusive, open culture within a multinational enterprise

Digital Innovation
Midterm Assignment (April 2018) - Sensors: exploring the opportunities and challenges for business
Wireless location tracking sensors in Industry 4.0 Extended Version Poster in A1 size (english)
Final Assignment (May 2018) - Digital innovation blog
Digital innovation blog post - KayakMate Rationale Digital Innovation - Assignment 2 (english)

Information Systems

Midterm Assignment (June 2018) - Blog on Information Systems (IS):
Blog on Information Systems in natural science: (english)
Final Assignment (July 2018) - Report for "StarTel" and Reflection
IS Class #1783 - Information Systems - A2 - Report TelStar: IT System Merger, eCommerce and ERP v05d (english)

Project Management, Leadership and Skills: Planning and Control
Midterm Assignment (August 2018)
Business Case for Target UK V5.2 (english)
Final Assignment (August 2018)
House Renovation (english)

Dissertation March 2019
What is the impact on knowledge management when small to medium non-profit organisations move from local information systems to cloud or decentral information systems ? (english)

IHK - Final examination 2008

Design of a customer network in Gonesse, France.
(IHK Abschlussarbeit: Design eines neuen Kundennetzwerkes)
IHK folder or Project file (german)

Extracurricular academic activity 2003

Development and distribution of current significance coding languages
("Besondere Lernleistung: Entwicklung und Verbreitung der Programmiersprachen
unter besonderer Beuecksichtigung der wichtigsten aktuellen Programmiersprachen")

BLL.doc (german)